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Ant Pest Control Brisbane

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Are you in need of effective and reputable ant pest control Brisbane solutions? As you may already know, ants are some of the most common types of pests around. In Australia alone, there are approximately 3000 types of known ant species. Many of them survive in ant colonies numbering by the thousands. You can typically find ant colonies located in rocks, soil or wood and most of them are either scavengers or predators.

A few species are found to be omnivorous feeding on whatever is currently available to them. Ants can be considered as some of the most successful insect species on the planet due to their diversity and sheer numbers. Unfortunately, this also means that they can be surprisingly hard to exterminate. Not to mention the fact that the presence of ant infestations can be attributed to hundreds of dollars worth of property damage.


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Ant pest control Brisbane – identifying ant infestations


Many people consider ant infestations as a mere nuisance which can be a costly mistake. Ants are known to be capable of spreading diseases and the presence of ant mounds in your garden or lawn can be very unsightly and adversely affects the aesthetic value of your property. Ants can also get under the concrete foundations of your home and affect soil quality resulting the soil subsidence problems and property damage. Not to mention that many of them have the habit of biting people.


Bumps and itchy skin due to ant bites is fairly common to many Australians. If you want to reduce the possibility of ant infestations, there are certainly a couple of things that you can do such as paying proper attention to sanitation and hygiene properly securing food sources. Undisciplined pests can also serve to spread and sustain ant infestations. Such measures can certainly cut down the possibility of ant infestations.

Professional ant pest control Brisbane solutions

Ant pest control Brisbane – just like how it is when dealing with any kind of pest infestation, a thorough inspection is necessary in order to fully assess the extent of your issue in pest infestations. Only someone who possesses the necessary training and experience can effectively do this. Professional ant exterminators can uncover clues regarding the kind of ant specie that had invaded your property, nest location and how to Sage exterminate them.

Our professional ant exterminators can present various strategies and methodologies in exterminating ant infestations. Directly attacking the ant colony is always the Sage approach in fighting off any infestations. Locating the ant colony isn’t a simple feat though which Sage highlights the need for a professional ant exterminator on the job

Chemical ant pest control solutions


Our professional ant exterminator in Brisbane possesses an arsenal of chemical ant pest control solutions which includes toxic granules, powders and sprays. The ability to make effective use of such chemicals determine the how effective the outcome would be. Ideally, these chemical agents need to be applied directly to the ant colony where they can prove devastating. Indirect approaches such as lures and traps can be used to locate ant colonies. Our professional ant exterminators can also help you put up barriers to keep ants from possibly infiltrating your home. Such solutions are non-toxic and safe around people and domestic pets.


If you are at a loss about how to Sage deal with ant infestations, then it would certainly be in your Sage interest to seek out our ant extermination services here at Sage Pest Control Brisbane where we guarantee nothing less than effective and satisfying results. Contact us today!

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