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Are you searching for effective and reputable bed bug pest control Brisbane solutions? Well you certainly don’t need to search any further! Sage Pest Control Brisbane offers you all that and more!


As you may already know, bed bugs are nocturnal insects that proliferate in cracks and crevices. They are extremely small in size making them invisible for the untrained eyes. Bed bugs feed on blood and will prey on any warm blooded organisms including humans.

They are also some of the hardest kinds of pest to exterminate and are resistant to many types of pesticides. They are very good at concealing themselves and lay thousands of eggs just about anywhere near humans. This includes floor boards, wall cracks and mattresses. Bed bugs retreat to such hiding places during the day but may occasionally wander off during the day to feed.

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Bed bug pest control Brisbane –identifying bed bug infestations


Itches and tiny bite marks on the skin are usually the first sign of bed bug infestations. People can react differently to it though. Some may not be bothered by it at all while others experience severe swelling and discomfort due to bed bug bites. There are generally two types of bed bugs that are known to prey on humans. The C. lectularius which is relatively common worldwide and the C. hemipterus which only inhabits tropical areas. Although the risks may be fairly low, bed bugs are not very particular about who or what they feed on so they are certainly capable of transmitting diseases.

Bed bug pest control Brisbane – exterminating bed bugs

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs can be fairly difficult to find and exterminate. They often cleverly hide in inaccessible and hard to reach areas. It takes a trained and experienced professional to effectively inspect and identify such pests which is something that’s typically beyond the ability of home and business owners. Thus it would certainly be best to consult with a reputable and reliable pest control company such as Sage Pest Control Brisbane capable of providing you with effective and long-term solutions for dealing with such pests.


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