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Honey Bees

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Honey bees are some of the most diverse types of insects with more than 1,500 species in Australia alone. They greatly benefit the environment and most are relatively harmless to people. Bees are excellent pollinators as they feed on flowers and aid in plant reproduction. Most species of honey bees are harmless if left alone.

Some species like the European Honey Bee though can be extremely hostile and will swarm anyone who wanders too close which makes them a serious concern for many property owners. If this sounds a lot like you, it would be best to seek out the services of a good and reputable professional pest exterminator to help you deal with hostile honey bee infestations.

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The threat of bee stings


Stings from aggressive honey bees can cause severe pain or discomfort and could be outright dangerous especially for those who develop severe allergic reactions due to it. Bees usually die out after stinging somebody as their stinger is practically ripped out of their body. Honey bees usually travel in swarms though so most victims usually sustain multiple stings from these insects. If a person is attacked by a swarm of honey bees, serious injuries or death is clearly possible which makes honey bee infestations a paramount safety concern.

Methods for exterminating honey bee infestations

Sage Pest Control Brisbane presents some of the most effective solutions for getting rid of honey bee infestations. Our experienced and highly reputable pest exterminators possess the necessary skill and expertise for effectively locating honey bee nesting areas. Observing foraging honey bees as they make their way back to their nests is certainly possible. Bee hives can be found on the ground or nestled up on trees. Due to the risk involved in dealing with honey bees, it is often best to entrust the task to an experienced and certified professional.


Once the beehive is located, professional pest controllers can then start effectively treating it with pesticides. If the hive can be removed from your property with ease, your pest control specialist will do so and either burn it or cover it with insecticides which will effectively kill off the queen which can produce more than a thousand eggs in less than one day.

Another solution which can be used to exterminate swarms of bees is to make use of pheromone lures installed in nest boxes equipped with manual or automatically released insecticides. The pheromones used to attract honey bees though only have a fairly short range and must be at close proximity to the hive in order to be effective. Poison can also be placed on baiting areas to attract forages which they will then carry back and transmit to the whole colony. The process takes time but allows for effective extermination of honey bees at its source with minimal exposure


Would you like to learn more about treating honey bee infestations? Contact Sage Pest Control Brisbane today!

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