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The adverse effects of silverfish infestations


Silverfish are some of the most common types of household pests in Australia. These insects are small and very agile preferring damp and dark places. Silverfish are also fairly hard to spot during the day time unless you are purposely looking for them due to their nocturnal behavior. Some of the most likely locations for uncovering silverfish infestations include areas with high humidity which includes laundry rooms, basements and below kitchen sinks. 

Silverfish can feed on any organic material and can cause extensive property damage if left unchecked. In order to effectively deal with such pests, expert and experienced professional assistance come highly recommended.


Silverfish preventive pest control solutions


Indeed silverfish infestations can be quite the problem for property owners, but there certainly solutions that one could look into in order to exterminate or prevent the presence of such pests. As mentioned earlier, silverfish can ingest any organic material. This includes cloth, books and linen which you must all store securely and carefully inspect for signs of silverfish infestation. Check before adding any new clothes, books or linen to storage areas – preventing possible entry is an excellent and practical approach to preventing silverfish infestations. Silverfish thrive in humid areas, dehumidifying possible nesting places is also a good way of preventing silverfish infestations from taking root. This isn’t always easy though – silverfish can easily infiltrate and nest inside your walls. Thus, it is certainly a good idea to bring in professional help to best deal with such issues. Although upfront cost may seem significant, ineffective DIY silverfish pest control Brisbane solutions may ultimately end up costing you more in property damages.

Getting rid of silverfish infestations

Silverfish infestations can be extremely hard to exterminate as they proliferate quickly at a staggering rate. Professional pest controllers need to implement a tiered approach to exterminating such pests which includes the use of chemicals. Thus property owners will have to evacuate the property for a short period of time for a thorough fumigation and application of surface sprays to root out stubborn silverfish wherever they may hide. Insecticides can then be applied on foundations and possible entry points denying escape and entry of any type of pests. It is essential that all traces of silverfish be rooted out during the process or the problem is bound to reoccur in a short period of time. Our silverfish pest control solutions are backed by a full guarantee in effective and satisfying results ensuring our clients that they will get every bit their money’s worth in Silverfish extermination services.

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