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The problem of termite infestations

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As you already know, termites feed on any cellulose or wooden material destroying wooden structures from within. This makes them one of the most destructive kinds of pests any property owner can have around. If left unchecked, the presence of termite infestations can ruin the wooden foundations of your home or commercial establishment from within. Many regions in Australia are prone to termite infestations.

If you wish to keep your property safe from the clutches of termite infestations and steer clear of the thousands of dollars worth of property damage that often comes with it, it would be in your best interest to have a reputable and qualified pest controller do an annual inspection on your property for signs of termite infestations. A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that home insurance does not typically cover damages due to termite infestation which makes termite pest control Brisbane all the more important.


Preventing termite infestation


Property owners need to take proactive steps to ensure that termites don’t find the opportunity to settle in. It’s always a good idea to eliminate the presence of wooden debris around you property which termites can use to build their nests. An effective ventilation system to keep out excess humidity will also prove useful in making conditions unfavorable for termites. The use of concrete slabs in lieu of conventional wooden foundation also makes a good preventive solution for people building their home or commercial establishments. You can always refer to a professional termite pest controller for expert advice and insights on how to best protect your property from termite infestations.

Inspecting for termite infestations

The task of termite inspection is always best left to trained and experienced Brisbane pest control professionals. This is because termites can be extremely hard to detect especially for those who lack the necessary knowledge and training. Termites can go about their business for months or years without property owners even knowing it. Just because you don’t really see them at all doesn’t mean your property is safe from it. For all you know there could be thousands of termites nesting within wooden structures of your property away from prying eyes.


A detailed and thorough inspection of your property by a qualified and experienced pest controller enables you to fully assess the extent of termite infestations if any, and how to best go about exterminating them. This also enables you to gauge the extent of the damage done and methods of entry which must be sealed and secured to prevent further outbreaks. Professional termite pest controllers then supply property owners with a detailed report regarding the inspection and their professional recommendations.

Exterminating termites

If you do find the presence of a termite colony in or around your property, it has to be eliminated completely as soon as possible to prevent or minimize damages and thwart any further termite outbreaks. Our pest controllers make effective use of chemical sprays and dust compounds to kill off all traces of termites. These compounds are ingested and carried by infected termites back to the nest where the poison spreads affecting the whole colony. After the nest has been eliminated, we can then follow through by erecting termite barriers surrounding your property to prevent the possibility of re-infestations. Such barriers include soil treatments and physical barriers forming a perimeter around your property made of termite resistant materials such as metal or concrete. There are also synthetic materials which can be molded on to identified entry points to further secure your property from the possibility of termite infestations. Prevention is always better than cure and it would be best to stop the problem of termite infestation before it actually gets the chance to take root. Sage Pest Control Brisbanecan help you do just that!

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