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Wasps Pest Control Brisbane

wasps control brisbane

Identifying wasp infestations

The proliferation of wasps can present a serious pest problem for many property owners in Australia especially those of the European species which was brought over to Australia decades ago as the climate here enables them to continue nesting all year round. To make matters worse, they are highly territorial and will attack anyone who wanders to close to their nests. Other wasps native to Australia are also just as dangerous.

Unsecured sources of food and leftovers from trash bins and backyards are some of the things that attract the presence of wasp forages and encourage them to take up nesting areas near homes or business establishments. Keeping such places free and clean of unsecured leftovers and trash that wasps could use as food sources will certainly help you steer clear of such predicaments. Now some people may argue that wasps benefit the environment as natural pollinators and predators of other types of pests, there is no denying that their extensive presence among home and business properties causes a great deal of concern to people.


Wasps Pest Control Brisbane


Wasps stings are painful and cause a great deal of discomfort. It could even be dangerous to those who are allergic to it – wasps stings can cause mouth and throat to swell which result to a great deal of swelling and suffocation. The European species of wasps in nesting all over Australia are much more aggressive than its native counterparts. Only trained and experienced pest control professionals can effectively distinguish between the two so property owners need to be cautious at all times and stay out of their way should you discover an extensive infestation of wasp in and around your property. Wasps can also devastate commercially grown crops as they feed on fruits to sustain their energy. The task of exterminating such pests is always best left to trained and reputable wasp pest control professionals in Brisbane.

Exterminating wasp infestations

While one can go about killing a couple of wasps themselves, it is no effective solution for permanently getting rid of wasps in places where these insects had established nesting areas. The only way to put an end to the problem is to eliminate the queen and entire nests. Of course you’d have to find the nest first and that is no easy task which is best left to qualified and experienced and professionals. Wasps nest can be found buried underground or on the surface typically concealed by vegetation.


Our wasp exterminators go about eliminating the wasp nest during the night when their activity is at its lowest. Extermination can be carried out with the use of chemical compounds designed to effectively kill of wasps infestations. Fumigations are carried out after sealing the area surrounding the nests to prevent stinging and escape.


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